Having your period does not have to be torture! 
Every day of our lives is precious, and the days we spend menstruating are equivalent to 10% of our entire lives. So yes, it would be better for us if it was comfortable and enjoyable, but what should we do about it?
First, we should understand that period does not mean dropping out of life or spending days in pain. 
We can spend this time in life in a comfortable way and continue our life without interruption.
For this, we have five suggestions that we would like to share with you:
Your increased basal metabolic rate before your period can make you hungrier than ever. So to speak, even your stomach is full, you don't feel satisfied. However, you can make your period more enjoyable by changing how you eat and drink during this time.
But, how?
- During the period, there is an increased accumulation of fluid in the body and edema formation. Therefore, you can minimize your discomfort by reducing your salt intake as much as possible. 
- You can consume lean red meat, eggs, chicken, and fish to replace the decreased iron, magnesium, and B6 vitamins in the body during the period. Since vitamin C increases iron absorption, it is beneficial to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and eat lots of tomatoes, and parsley, which is rich in vitamin C, when eating red meat, chicken, and eggs. Of course, again, do not forget to consume in moderation.
- The decreased amount of magnesium during the period also increases the desire for sweets. You know, sometimes we have a sweet craving, that is the main reason behind it. You can get magnesium, which has a calming effect, along with calcium, from a piece of chocolate with a high cocoa content, for example, a bar of nice dark chocolate that tastes delicious with warm milk. 
- An adequate intake of vitamin B6 also has a positive effect on your nervous system. It reduces the tension and stress that occur during the period. Do not forget to include fish, chicken, soy products, broccoli, bananas, carrots, eggs, avocados, spinach, and grains in your diet during your period.
- To reduce edema in the body, you can consume at least 2.5 liters of water daily.
In other words, if you eat a balanced diet and care a bit during your period, you can get over it with less pain and without gaining weight.
2. MOVE!
Studies show that light exercise during the period lifts women's moods and relieves pain. You can feel much better if you move more during your period. 
- First of all, you can benefit from yoga videos prepared specially for your period, and you can relax by stretching your body. You can relax and speed up your menstrual bleeding by both openings and stretching your muscles. We have prepared many videos on this topic on our YouTube channel, "Dünya Tek Biz İkimiz" They are waiting for you to watch and use them.
- If you do not want to push yourself too much during your period, you can go for light walks. If you have access to the sea, a walk on the beach or a short jog in nature will also calm your nerves. Such activities, done at a short and easy pace, will increase your heart rate, regulate blood flow, release hormones that improve mood and make you feel much better.
- During the period, our bodies are colder than usual and need warmth. You know, when our hands and feet get cold, we have stomach flu. This is because our body tries to help us provide more heat by slowing down during the period.
- A warm shower, freshly brewed herbal teas or hot chocolate, and hot water bags to put on your legs or stomach will do you good. Studies show that heat relieves period pain and improves mood. Of course, we are not talking about a temperature that overwhelms us, but a warmth like a romantic comedy movie you are watching under a blanket will do you good; you can be sure of that.
Keep your spirits high during your period! You can watch a movie or TV series you love, read books, and benefit from massages and aromatherapy oils. 
- A gentle abdominal massage with massage oils like lavender and lemongrass is known to relieve advanced pain.
Being with a friend who understands you best during your period will make you feel safe and comfortable. Because the best girlfriends are there for days like that! Just like Molped, who is always by your side... 
So, when you have a comfortable environment of friends and Molped with you, have a little chat and drink some green tea. Here is the formula for you to have your period comfortably.