​Just like in your daily life, you should pay a lot of attention to hygiene during the period. Cleansing, both for your physical and mental health, is something you need more than ever during this time.
Period blood paves the way for bacteria to build up, and unfortunately, bacteria cause bad odors. 
For both of these reasons, you should pay extra attention to your hygiene during your period. We recommend that you change your pad and underwear frequently during this time. It is better to choose cotton rather than synthetics for your underwear during this time.
We recommend that you change your pad as often as possible to avoid bad odors.
It is also better to change your pad as soon as you feel it is time so that your skin doesn't get irritated.
It is okay to take a bath while you are on your period. 
Like one of the urban legends we mentioned in another article, showering has no proven effect on the period. Besides, hot water can help ease your pain and relax you. When you feel clean, you feel comfortable and peaceful during this process.
For cleaning, it is beneficial to use special cleansing/hygiene wipes that you can use to clean your inguinal area.
In conclusion, cleaning during the period is a cut above than ever. If you take care of it, you can have a smooth and pleasant period.